Velvet horn seaweed


Codium tomentosum

Organoleptic properties:

  • Appearance: Green seaweed of 30 cm long. The cylindrical frond is solid and spongy with a felt-like touch.
  • Smell and taste: Strong smell of the sea. Very intense seafood-like flavour, similar to its Spanish namesake, barnacle or goose-neck barnacle (percebe).
  • Colour: Bottle green.
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How to use:

  • Salted: Rinse in lukewarm water several times, remove salt before consumption.
  • Dried: Soak in lukewarm water for 20 minutes.

How to cook:

Once is rehydrated or the salt is rinsed off, use it like a fresh vegetable.
Ideal crushed or minced in fillings, such as for croquettes and pies, or creams for sauces.
Chopped on salads, toast, tartare, tempura.
This seaweed is gelatinous and binds very well. Good thickener.


It stands out for its magnesium, iron and protein content.
Complements copper-rich foods such as crustaceans, molluscs or nuts, and products rich in zinc such as chickpeas, lentils, soybeans or meats.

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