• Algas La patrona Kombu



    "Laminaria ochroleuca"

    Organoleptic properties:

    • Appearance: Brown seaweed with a thick and flat leaf (it can live up to 10 years and reach 2.5 meters).
    • Smell and taste: Smells of sea. Iodized, smoked flavour. Umami (for its high content of glutamic acid that enhances the flavour of the dish ingredients).
    • Colour: light brown, yellowish.
  • Algas La patrona Espagueti de mar

    Himanthalia elongata

    Its scientific name means ‘elongated sea tongue’. This seaweed is relatively unknown in Asia but considered very precious in Europe.

    Organoleptic properties:

    • Appearance: A brown seaweed with an elongated, thin and flattened shape. Reaches 3 meters.
    • Smell and taste: Smell of the sea. Neutral flavour, chewy texture.
    • Colour: Olive-green, brown.
  • Algas La patrona Lechuga de mar

    "Ulva lactuca"

    Organoleptic properties:

    • Appearance: Green seaweed with a thin round leaf.
    • Smell and taste: Smells of the sea. Intense seafood-like taste.
    • Colour: Light green.
  • Algas La patrona Alga Percebe

    "Codium tomentosum"

    Organoleptic properties:

    • Appearance: Green seaweed of 30 cm long. The cylindrical frond is solid and spongy with a felt-like touch.
    • Smell and taste: Strong smell of the sea. Very intense seafood-like flavour, similar to its Spanish namesake, barnacle or goose-neck barnacle (percebe).
    • Colour: Bottle green.
  • Algas La patrona Wakame



    "Undaria pinnatifida"

    Organoleptic properties:

    • Appearance: Japanese brown algae that can reach 1.5 meters in length, with an elongated thin leaf and central root.
    • Smell and taste: Soft odour of the sea. Neutral flavour, slightly sweet.
    • Colour: brown-green.

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